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Pension Release:

Pension release is the freeing up of funds from your pension kitty before you actually retire. The Pension Schemes Act of 2015 came into activation earlier this year, signaling a radical changing of the rules and regulations surrounding pension release. The new rules change the retirement landscape for younger workers and allow employers increased choice in the types of pensions they can offer to workers.

The changes provide positive news for certain types of people.

  • The legislation allows people more choice and freedom about what to do with their pension.
  • Those who take advantages of the changes are given increased legal protection and clarity over their choices.

The benefits of pension release vary in accordance with lifestyle and requirements. Whether you are looking for short term cash flow, money for emergencies or unexpected debts, finance for traveling/holidays, home improvements or perhaps to pump money into an investment or two, pension release could be the option for you.

Is pension release legal and safe?

Pension release is entirely legal, but is not without its risks and opportunists. With the new freedom and flexibility come associated risks. There are schemers and scammers out there determined to get their hands in the vast UK pension pot, so be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of a scheme.

We have a unique method and route to help you release cash from your pension, with a UK network of pension release consultants we can help to release the cash from your pension. Contact us today for more information.

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Your pension pot is your biggest asset as you head towards retirement. Look after it, make sure you have full control over it, and seek help and advice about the best ways to maximize it. Contact our team of experts for a conclusive guide on pension release and how best to protect your hard earned safety net.

Pension Release

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