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Access Your Pension Cash

Your pension fund is your nest egg for retirement, and is one of the perks of putting in the years of hard work. You may have done everything right, and put away a good amount of cash over the years, in order to ensure a financially comfortable retirement. But what about when life throws you a curveball? Sometimes circumstances dictate that we have to find away to free up some cash flow. Accessing your pension could be one such way. If you are over 55, your freedom to access your funds has been increased due to recent government legislation.

Why would I access my pension?

The reasons are almost endless, and could include:

  • Unexpected bills, costs or debts need to be taken care of
  • A business investment has arisen and you want to free up some money to plunge into it
  • University fees or a house deposit for a child or loved one
  • You may simply want to take a trip of a lifetime, perhaps a luxury cruise

Whatever your reasons for thinking about accessing your pension are, Pension Release Services are here to help. With a team of dedicated, experienced professionals, we will tailor our approach to suit your personal circumstances. No two cases are the same, therefore we’ll get down to the crux of what you’re looking for. We can offer;

  • Free, no obligation service
  • Potentially 1000s of pounds accessed FAST
  • Dedicated professionals with years of experience
  • A completely confidential, discrete consultation

Think carefully about accessing your pension.

There are associated risks with accessing your pension early. The scammers and schemers are lurking, trying to get their hands on your money. Look out for tell-tale signs of scams, such as anybody advising you to withdraw from your pension before the age of 55. Also, make sure you’re making the right decision for your future as well as your present. Can your retirement pot take a hit right now? Will you regret it down the line? Pension Release Services will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your invested pension, and we’ll guide you along this journey. Contact us TODAY for free, impartial advice!


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