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Can I cash in my pension?

Key benefits to you:

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✔  Do YOU Want to CASH in Your Pension ?
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Can you Cash in your pension?:

The answer is YES, and what’s more, many people still don’t realize you can actually cash in part of your pension fund before you reach official UK retirement age. Down in part to recent government legislation, freedom for employees and employers within pension programs has increased, as a result workers have more control over what they do with their nest eggs.

Why are people cashing in their pensions?

Everybody’s circumstances are different, so the reasons are varied. You might want to cash in your pension to;

  • Free up thousands of pounds quickly.
  • Maybe you’ve been hit with unexpected expenses or debts?
  • You may just be feeling the pinch and need some extra cash flow?
  • A business investment opportunity may have captured your imagination.
  • You might just want to go on a trip or vacation you couldn’t previously afford.
  • Redundancy or wage cuts may have hit you in the pocket.
  • You may need extra funds to pay for a child’s wedding or tuition fees? Or a house deposit?

Whatever your personal circumstances are, here at Pension Release Services will give you a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Our track record shows that we only work with the leading industry professionals to ensure your needs are fully met.

Beware of the possible risks

Expert advice is valuable when your financial future is at stake. This is a decision which could have ramifications for the rest of your life, so make it wisely! Weigh up the pros and cons, and, with our help, reach the conclusion that is best for you moving forwards. Ask the vital questions.

Can I afford to do this in the long run? What are the possible penalties for early pension withdrawal? If you are on state benefits, will they be affected? Are there tax repercussions?

At Pension Release Services, we will help you find answers to these questions and more. Using out wealth of experience and our expert team, we will tailor your case to meet your specific requirements. Our service is discrete, professional and impartial. Irrespective of age, status or personal circumstance, we are here to get your journey started, so contact us today!