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Cashing in your pension

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Cashing a Pension:

Recent government legislation has made cashing in your pension a simpler, easier and more flexible process. With increased protection for employee and employer, more and more people are turning to pension release in order to free up sizeable funds.

Why would I cash in my pension?

  • To free up thousands of pounds FAST.
  • Maybe you have unexpected expenses?
  • Bills, credit card debts, university tuition?
  • Maybe you are ready to take that holiday you couldn’t afford previously?

Warning signs

You might ask yourself, “is it safe to cash in my pension?” The answer, by and large, is yes. But there are scammers and opportunists waiting to take advantage of those people looking to cash in their pensions.  We use only the most reliable industry figures. However, there are organizations and individuals looking to get their hands on your cash. Use our free, no-obligation service to arm yourself with the facts. We’ll ensure you get the best result for you. It can be so useful to speak to an expert before you make such a huge life decision.

Cashing in your pension information:

For free advice and guidance on these matters, contact us today and we’ll start this journey together. Our service is 100% confidential, and we work with each individual to ensure their needs are met. There is no blanket approach here, each case is unique and everybody’s needs differ. Additionally, the recent legislation means more people over a certain age can cash their pension in (or part of the pension) before they actually hit retirement age. Therefore the need for comprehensive, personal guidance is further paramount.

We can offer you full support, irrespective of your age, position or personal circumstances. Contact us today!