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Frozen Pension

It can be a real frustration when you leave a job, but can’t access the pension fund you have built up during your time with the employer. It’s a kick in the teeth to know that you leave behind a potentially lucrative pot that becomes ‘frozen’. Now a frozen pension is basically referring to a pension scheme you had, but you left your previous job before official retirement age, and these funds are now sitting in a coffer somewhere idle. Typically you can’t access these funds until you reach retirement age, but what if you find yourself in need of a cash boost? The funds may even slip your mind and you forget about them completely. Circumstances occur, often out of our control, and we find ourselves in need of a timely injection of cash. If you are satisfied that your new pension scheme will look after you in your twilight years, you may wish to unlock the potential of your previous funds.


Is this a safe process?

The decision, ultimately, is yours and we can offer you no obligation, free advice to help you along the way. It’s important that you get the most out of your investment and make the right decision based on YOUR personal circumstances. Our service is 100% confidential and we will arm you with the facts and information you need. Whilst the choice is yours, we urge caution given that accessing your frozen pension could affect you in later life. Also, be on the lookout for pension scammers who are constantly lurking in the hope of accessing your hard-earned funds. Pension Regulator can provide you with tell-tale scammer warning signs.

About Us

At Pension Release Services, we consult industry leading experts and provide a free, no obligation advice service. We have helped hundreds of people access their frozen pension funds and we ensure we are helping them make the right decision for their own situation. To make the most of your investments, contact us today and we’ll get the process started!