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If you have a UK pension then you can cash in your pension or release your pension. We provide a free pension review and can help to release your pension cash via a various routes.  Also if you are aged 55 + you can release your pension tax free. No matter what your age we can provide a free pension review, and in the review we will discover what options are available to you and discuss these options with you.

Pension release is specifically designed to allow you to access money you have saved for your pension before you retire, or before the full term of your pension is up, and for many people it makes a lot of sense.

For many people the decision to release their pension early is in order to clear debt before they retire – for example a mortgage, loan or outstanding credit cards. This can be seen as wise financial planning as there is little point in paying more interest on your debt than you are gaining through your savings.

The pension review that we conduct goes through all your pension information such as, who your pensions with, the value of your pension, when do you plan on retiring, how much cash you are wanting to release. This is a free pension review, and this has not cost to you whatsoever.

Each adviser in our network has over 20 years’ experience in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Our team is at the heart of our business, and is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience for all our clients. We believe you have the right to expect value for money from us, and that is what we constantly strive to deliver.

We have been providing pension release services for UK customers of many years, and as a result we have helped many customers. If you would like more information about how it works and what the process is please see below the step by step process:

1) Once you have filled in the pension review form our network of pension consultants will analyse your details. We then contact you and review the information you have provided us.

2) We then offer a free pension review. We review your pension information in more details, we review your current pension, benefits, pension provider, how long your pension has been active or frozen etc..

3) Following the free pension review we then look at what options you can qualify for. There may be options where you can qualify for a pension release option, investment of pension etc..

4) You maybe eligible to release cash from your pension or there could be other options available to you such as investments, release, transfers and many other options based on your details.

5) If you are happy with the options that our pension consult presents to you, we can press ahead and start the process.

6) We will then contact your pension provider and request as much information as possible that will help form the basis of your pension review.

7) During the process we will always be available to you and keep you updated as we go along.

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