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Pension Loans: Did you know you can use your pension for fast cash and possibly thousands of pounds?

A pension loan is the borrowing of money against the value of your pension, and it can be an ideal way to make your pension fund work better for you, and your personal circumstances. You might be wishing to invest in a business, access some cash flow, or simply have extra money for leisure or holidays. A pension loan is a system which allows you to access your funds quickly, easily and with complete control.

Benefits of pension loans

  • Pension loans are flexible can be used for whatever you wish.
  • They can provide you with £1000’s FAST CASH and cash payment is possible.
  • Interest is paid back into your pension in many examples, increasing its value.
  • The service is confidential and comes with no fees or hidden costs.
  • Advice is free, so ask us the questions on your mind!

A pension loan allows to you detour from the typical routes when it comes to freeing up cash flow. They are a cheaper alternative to expensive credit as the money is coming from your own savings. It is, in effect, a loan taken from yourself, therefore you have control at both ends of the borrowing system. A pension loan is more a transfer of funds from A to B, and the control lies with you. Sometimes emergencies happen and events can demand that you need to access funds at short notice. What better process than to access them from your own savings?

After working hard for several decades, and building up a handsome pension fund, the safety net is in place should an unfortunate situation arise. Alternatively, you could be wishing to take a pension loan to invest in an attractive business proposition. Whatever your situation, a pension loan could provide the solution.

Pension Release Services can help you TODAY!

We can help you access those £1000s from your pension fund in the form of a loan. We’ll put you in contact with a pensions expert who can guide you through the whole process, and in the meantime take a weight off your shoulders. Use our contact form to get in touch with one of our specialists, and let us lighten your load and eliminate stressful, complex issues.