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Withdrawing from your pension fund has become a whole lot simpler due to recent government legislation. Freedom to access your funds has increased, and the employee or private pension holder now has greater control. As a result, it’s important to know exactly where you’re up to with your pension fund. If you’re just starting out, or you’re nearing retirement age, make sure you have a full grasp on the status of your pension.

Why choose Pension Release Services?

At Pension Release Services, we can help you get down to the bare bones of your pension fund, and give you a greater understanding of what you have at your disposal. Our free, no obligation service breaks through the jargon and looks at the best options for your circumstances. If you’re looking into the option of withdrawing from your pension, we offer;

  • Free, no obligation advice
  • A tailored service to meet your needs
  • A completely confidential, reliable service
  • No hidden fees or charges!
  • Advice from some of the industry’s most experienced figures

At the beginning of your pension journey? We’ll guide you through the initial steps. There are a wide range of schemes with different pros and cons to suit the individual.

Already paying into a pension? Even if you’ve been paying into a scheme for years, you might decide the time has come to make a withdrawal from the fund. We’ll help you assess your options and come to the right conclusion.

Heading towards the golden age of retirement? We can also assist with pension fund withdrawal if you are reaching retirement and looking for an annuity. If you are looking for an annuity, you don’t actually have to stick with your current pension plan. Many people are unaware of this, so contact one of our experts for more information and a free chat.

When you retire, you have the option of income withdrawal from your pension, which is basically taking a sustainable income from your pension pot. This can be used for investments, so if your investments do well, your pot can continue to grow. There are of course risks attached to any investment. Pension Release Services will guide you through each stage of the process, safe in the knowledge that an industry expert has got your back.